How to Make Hair Grow Long Faster

Long hair is...

Efficient? No. Sport friendly? Definitely not. Totally amazing and gorgeous? You know it! But hair only grows (on average) about a half inch a month, so to get the lengthy tresses you desire, it could take awhile... This guide should help speed up the process a little bit. Note: This article includes pretty much everything to make your hair grow faster, short of splurging on some hair growth shampoo, which can be quite costly.

1.Get it trimmed. Controversial to popular belief, trimming your hair once every 2-3 weeks won't make your hair grow faster. Get it trimmed once, 1/8 or 1/4 inch (maybe 1 inch if your hair is in bad shape)and just take care to avoid split ends. Some of the things you can do to avoid split ends are avoid using too many heated tools on your hair (if you must, use a good heat protectant on your hair prior to use of your curler/straightener), brush your hair with a wide toothed comb or pick when it's wet, and if you towel dry your hair, squeeze it at the ends to blot out any moisture, don't scrub it out, because that breaks your hair.And when you're shampooing, just focus on your scalp, because the soap will go through the rest of your hair anyway. Also avoid dyes and bleaches, but that one is a no brainer!

2.Buy some new shampoo. While it also cures dandruff, pyrithione zinc also aids hair growth. Look for a shampoo that has 2% pyrithione zinc in it. Not head and shoulders though, because it is really hard on your hair. Garnier works (and smells good too), and Equate is supposed to be pretty good too. These shampoos are pretty cheap, probably 3-4 dollars, so you don't have to worry about it being hard on your wallet.
3.Lather it up. When you're in the shower, take a little time when you're shampooing to massage your scalp, and give it a little scratch. Not only does this promote blood circulation in the scalp, it feels awesome!
4.De-tangle. After you hop out of the shower, and your hair is still damp, take a wide toothed comb or pick (you can find these anywhere) and comb through your hair beginning at the ends and working your way up. Make good contact with your scalp when you reach your roots, and make sure you get the back of your hair way underneath.
5.Prevent split ends. This is optional, but long hair with split ends that is all dull and gross looks terrible. Buy a leave in conditioner (Herbal Essences has a really nice one for about 3 dollars) that helps "repair split ends". It doesn't actually seal up the split ends, but it can help prevent new ones from forming. Start by squeezing some into your hand, then starting at the ends, massage the product thorough hair, working your way up. Brush your hair after to distribute it a little more evenly after. Another thing you can do to get rid of your split ends is to snip them off. Buy some scissors made for hair (normal scissors will only make the problem worse), and just look at the ends of your hair. When you see a split end, snip it off. This doesn't take any length off your hair, but makes hair more healthy looking.
6.Scalp Massage. Giving yourself regular scalp massages is a good way to promote more blood circulation to the head. Make it a habit to give yourself a head massage whenever your watching tv (or reading articles like this one!) These aren't hard, just use the tips of your fingers and starting from the nape of the neck, work your way up your scalp in circular motions. Just scratching your head from front to back helps too, and feels awesome.
7.Drink More Water. This one is sort of general. Water helps everything. Challenge yourself to drink the recommended 8 glasses a day (and reward yourself with a little piece of chocolate at the end?. You can also take biotin supplements, or just a general multivitamin as well.
8.Get in shape. Exercise helps stimulate blood circulation everywhere, and makes you feel good afterwards. Combine this with a little scalp massage and a bottle of water and you'll have half of these steps done already! Also slimming down through exercising hasn't ever hurt anyone, has it? (insert encouraging smile here)
9.De-Stress! Stress leads to hair loss, and nobody wants that. How is your hair supposed to grow if there's nothing there?
10.Deep Condition. Deep conditioners and hair masks work wonders for your hair. Hair grows a heck of a lot better when it's healthy, so deep conditioning once a week will give your hair a healthy shine. Pick up a nice deep conditioner, and put it in damp hair, then put a shower cap on, and a dry towel over that. Leave it for about an hour. Rinse with luke warm (or if you have the nerve, rinse with cold) water.

    Any one of the given steps are optional. But keep in mind that the more you combine, the faster your hair will grow.
    If you're expecting waist length hair in a month, sorry honey. You've come to the wrong place. Pick up some hair extensions at Ebay (They     come in all lengths and colors, and you can get them for under $30)

Things You'll Need
    Anti-Dandruff shampoo (with 2% pyrithione zinc)
    hair cutting scissors
    leave in conditioner
    deep conditioner
    wide toothed comb (or pick)
    fingers, hair, and consistency.
    Optional: Multivitamins or a biotin supplement.

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